About us

Welcome to Haus Bargains - the home of home and craft essentials. 


Why waste time shopping around when you can get all the essential items you need for your home and crafts at a highly competitive price - all in one, convenient place? Read on to discover more about Haus Bargains...


Our Mission 


We all want to grab ourselves a bargain on everyday items. Here at Haus Bargains, we have one simple mission: 


To bring you a wide range of quality household and crafting essentials at a price that simply cannot be beaten. No-fuss, no-gimmicks just great quality products at an affordable price.


Our website has been set up to make it easy to buy everything you need from scalpels and surgical blades to beauty products at an affordable price. We offer some of the best deals on the internet on a wide range of products including:


  • Crafting tools
  • Crafting materials 
  • Surgical tools such as scalpels 
  • Essential first aid supplies 
  • Quality beauty products


Why Pay More?  


With most household costs going up much faster than the average household income, every year we find ourselves looking for ways to fulfil our wants and needs whilst spending less.


Here at Haus Bargains, we have taken considerable time and effort to source some of the best crafting, surgical, first aid and beauty products on the market, offering them to you at a highly competitive rate. So, whether you are looking to restock your first aid kits with eye wash kits and gel packs or get crafty with super sharp crafts blades, we are here to get you what you need, when you need it at a price that works for you.


Browse our range today to find yourself a Haus Bargain.